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Welcome to the home of Unicorn Popcorn. Let this podcast be the soundtrack to your family dance party. No crappy kids' music. We promise. 

Episode #17 (October 1, 2017)

Bottles and cans, just clap your hands! DJ Starfish and Little Beat were at it again with another dope episode of Starfish and Coffee!

Little Beat brought a crazy hard "What's That Sound?" sound challenge, with two lollipops that were only different in colour. Spoiler alert - somehow DJ Starfish knows what purple sounds like. As for the music, well by now you know that you can't go wrong when listening to Starfish and Coffee.

Oh, this week's episode features a special treat for fans of The Simpsons. We played the song used as the background music from the infamous 'Land of Chocolate' scene.


  1. Prince - Starfish and Coffee (show theme)
  2. Capital Cities - Safe and Sound
  3. Pickin' On Series - Safe and Sound
  4. The Kerplunks - Cake
  5. Ella Fitzgerald - Old McDonald
  6. Laurie Johnson - Happy-Go-Lively
  7. Spice Girls - Stop
  8. Mariah Carey - Fantasy
  9. Men Without Hats - Pop Goes The World
  10. Eurythmics vs. Steve Angello - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)
  11. Tegan and Sara - Closer
  12. Supergrass - Alright
  13. Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky
  14. Nathan Willett - Saturday
  15. Mike Phirman - WHat Makes the Breakfast?
  16. Shad - Rose Garden
  17. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Space Cadet

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